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Premium Selection of Hay

Alfalfa - Premium local Hay, Great color with great leaf retention! Fine-Medium stemmed. Priced @ $14/bale!

Grassy Alfalfa - Locally grown, nice green color and loaded with leaf, fine steamed. Heavy bales 120-130lbs. Priced @ $15.00

3-Way Grain Hay - Premium 3-Way loaded with grain. Mixture of Oat, Beardless Wheat, & Barley. Purple stemmed. Heavy bales. Priced @ $14.00/bale!

Orchard Grass - Oregon grown! 2nd Cutting with great color!!! Priced at $19/bale!

Oat/Alfalfa Mix - Mixture of 70% Oats & 30% Alfalfa. Very good feed!!! Priced @ $15.50/bale!

Straw - $6.95/bale! (buy 10 or more and get 10% off)

445 N Brawley
Fresno, Ca 93706

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